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Full Sun is a flexible unit based on Amsterdam´s extended creative music community. Its sound flies above the musicians, telling stories inspired by ancient Natufians and modern culture beings. 


Compositionally speaking, the ensemble uses graphic scores translated into melodies, conduction, slowly unfolding grooves and dedications to influential jazz artists (John Tchicai, Jemeel Moondoc, Sunny Murray..) to create a space where this expanding pool of musicians can celebrate sound.

Michael Moore- saxophone, clarinet

Luis Vicente- trumpet

Joost Buis- trombone

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet, gongs, percussion

Yung- Tuan Ku- vibraphone, percussion

Nico Chientaroli- piano, synths

Rozemarie Heggen- double bass

Omer Govreen- double bass

Olie Brice- double bass

Shay Hazan- double bass

Onno Govaert- drums

Bones is an acoustic unit characterized by its wide dynamic range and extended use of space. All three members are originally from Karmiel (Taubenfeld's home town) and the shared understanding of a static pace of life common in this region is evident in the group's sound. The trio is often associated with chamber music. In recent years the group has toured in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Romania and Portugal.

Its first 2 albums are out on Leo Records and the third one, Reptiles, was released with NoBusiness Records late 2019.


Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

Shay Hazan- double bass

Nir Sabag- drums


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Kuhn Fu (formed in 2013) is dedicated to Christian Kuhn's strange take on composition and improvisation. Songs can shift direction many times within a short section and without noticing you are in a digging voodoo groove that lasts forever. The band is touring in a van called Gunter and has performed in many of the leading venues and festivals in Europe. Their fourth album, Jazz Is Expensive, is out on Bethold Records fall 2022.


Christian Kühn- guitar

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

John Dikeman- tenor and bass saxophones

Sofia Salvo- baritone sax

Tobias Delius- tenor sax, clarinet

Esat Ekincioglu- double bass

George Hadow- drums

This quartet has a very strong, instant composing, song-like way of improvising.
Interaction and expression of thoughts are the core of this band and while each idea can shape the story line and change the course of the improvisation, colors and contrasts always influence the sound of the group. Plots is known for its many rehearsals and very limited amount of concerts.


Joost Buis- trombone

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

Frank van Bommel- piano

Wim Janssen- drums



XPE led by Raoul van der Weide is an Amsterdam based septet that plays the music of Dutch composers (including Guus Janssen, Paul Termos, Bert Koppelaar and RvdW among others) with an original sound that permits the different personalities in the group to sing.


Raoul van der Weide- double bass

Marta Warelis- piano

George Hadow- drums

Michael Moore- clarinet

Giuseppe Doronzo- baritone saxophone

Alistair Payne- trumpet

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

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