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"His compositions contain hints of chamber, haunted atmospheres, and contemplative moods" Eyal Hareuveni , the free jazz collective

"Dreamy sound poetry" Rigobert Dittmann, Kingskerswell

"Taubenfeld's raw bass clarinet stands out" Martin Schray , Free Jazz Blog


15/2/22 Double bill: Plotz & Owlman @ Zaal100, Amsterdam, NL

16/2/22 Duet with Michael Moore @ POM, Eindhoven, NL

17/2/22 Full Sun @ Dordrecht Jazz Club, Dordrecht, NL

18/2/22 Full Sun @ Bunker-Ulmenwall, Biliefeld, GER

19/2/22 Full Sun @ PlusEtage, Baarle-Nassau, NL

20/2/22 Full Sun @ De Tanker, Amsterdam, NL - RECORDING

3/3/22 w/ Luis Vicente and Felice @ Desterro, Lisbon, PT

11/3/22 Kuhn Fu @ Leicht und Selig, Ladenburg, GER

12/3/22 Kuhn Fu @ PlusEtage, Baarle-Nassau, NL

10/5/22 w/ Carlos "Zingaro", Michael Moore, Yedo Gibson and Luis Vicente @ A Graciosa, Lisbon, PT

14/5/22 Full Sun @ HotHouse, Leiden, NL

15/5/22 w/ Jasper Stadhouders, Miguel Petruccelli, Georgia Colins, Oscar Jan Hoogland @ De Tanker, Amsterdam, NL

17/5/22 w/ Ada Rave, Wilbert de Joode and Aca Škorić @ Zaal100, Amsterdam, NL

18/5/22 w/ Jarno van Es Orkesterra @ Splendor, Amsterdam, NL

19/5/22 Full Sun @ De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL

12/6/22 w/ Carlos "Zingaro", Yedo Gibson and Luis Vicente @ MIA Festival, Atouguia, PT

22/6/22 Full Sun (special 2x double bass sextett) @ InJazz Festival (Bimhuis), Amsterdam, NL


Those walks in the wadi of my childhood, the river and caves of the Natufians, are present in my life and art just as Bill Dixon and Sunny Murray and the many paths they showed me into the world of sound. Music for me is everything that is unexplainable and yet undoubtedly beautiful in this life. Its ways and manifestations in the sound world are infinetly diverse. Whether desgined carefully, fast or slow, or being played in the NOW. The feeling is of that same primary creativity. The paths, or those walks, are still being explored as the story unfolds..






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Full Sun released it's debut album on MultiKulti Records, October 2020. It's a real honor to work with the unique individuals that form the ensemble on this CD recorded at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet, percussion

Michael Moore- alto saxophone, clarinet

Joost Buis- trombone

Luis Vicente- trumpet

Nico Chientaroli- piano, objects

Shay Hazan- double bass

Onno Govaert- drums, percussion

Bones Reptiles.jpg

The new Vinyl of Bones -REPTILES- is out on No Business Records!

This album documents the trio in a very special night at Splendor, Amsterdam.

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

Shay Hazan- double bass

Nir Sabag- drums


Fragments is an audio-visual album I made with my brother, Ariel Taubenfeld. A kind of experiment on the balance and relation between video and sound. Shay Hazan is heard on the double bass.