"His compositions contain hints of chamber, haunted atmospheres, and contemplative moods" Eyal Hareuveni , the free jazz collective

"I don't need anything else but Taubenfeld's dreamy sound poetry" Rigobert Dittmann, Kingskerswell

"Taubenfeld's raw bass clarinet stands out" Martin Schray , Free Jazz Blog

2/8/20 Owlman @ Doek Festival, Amsterdam

7/8/20 Kuhn Fu @ Bayerisches Jazzinstitut, Regensburg, GER

9/8/20 Duet with Michael Moore @ De Tanker, Amsterdam

15/8/20 Kuhn Fu @ Wendlandjazz, Gedelitz, GER

16/8/20 Kuhn Fu @ WhiteCube, Hamburg, GER

6/9/20 ZYFT @ De Tanker, Amsterdam

28/9/20 Full Sun @ De Tanker, Amsterdam

2/10/20 Full Sun @ ParadoX, Tilburg

8/10/20 Full Sun @ Splendor, Amsterdam

21/10/20 Kuhn Fu @ Musikbunker, Aachen, GER

23/10/20 Kuhn Fu @ Stadtkirche,Göppingen, GER

28/10/20 Kuhn Fu @ Jazzdock, Prague, CZ


Those walks in the wadi of my childhood, the river and caves of the Natufians, are present in my life and art just as Bill Dixon and Sunny Murray and the many paths they showed me into the world of sound. Music for me is everything that is unexplainable and yet undoubtedly beautiful in this life. Its ways and manifestations in the sound world are infinetly diverse. Whether desgined carefully, fast or slow, or being played in the NOW. The feeling is of that same primary creativity.

The paths or those walks are still being explored as the story unfolds..




The new Vinyl of Bones -REPTILES- is out on No Business Records!

This album documents the trio in a very special night at Splendor, Amsterdam.

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

Shay Hazan- double bass

Nir Sabag- drums

Recent months were challenging on many levels but as the social isolation period grew longer different long distance collaborations started emerging. In the next few weeks I will add several videos from this period to the website . First one, inspired by the polyphonic music of the Pygmies is already available. The music was made in collaboration with my friends Shay Hazan and Nir Sabag and the video was made by my brother, Ariel Taubenfeld.