ziv taubenfeld

bass clarinetist



Ziv Taubenfeld, born in Karmiel, Israel in February 1986, started playing the clarinet at age 11 as part of the school orchestra and continued with classical music studies at the local conservatory. During that period, following the low sounds, the bass clarinet was added as a second instrument that soon became Ziv's main focus. His interest in improvised music grew bigger after meeting the influential saxophone player Albert Beger, who opened up a path that eventually led to further studies of the bass clarinet with Michael Moore in the Netherlands.


 Taubenfeld's new group - FULL SUN - searches for a space that is timeless, a place where sounds talk of primitive existence. Following their debut performance at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, they are now working towards future concerts at major venues and festivals across Europe.

A former member of the Michael Moore Pool, Ziv currently leads Bones, a trio that is dedicated to his own compositions, and the new group mentioned above (FULL SUN), as well as being a member of Kuhn Fu, Plots and Xavier Pamplona Ensemble. Other recent collaborations include Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Guus Janssen and Luis Vicente among others. 

In 2016 Ziv was offered a Carte Blanche at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, and shortly after got the invitation to present the music of Bones at the North Sea Jazz Festival in July 2017. The third album of Bones- Reptiles- will be released in fall 2019 on NoBusiness Records.



Coming Concerts:

4/2/20 w/ John Dikeman, Aca Skoric, Aaron Lumley, Salvoandrea Lucifora @ Zaal 100, Amsterdam, NL

7/2/20 Kuhn Fu @ Jazz Club Tonne, Dresden, GER

8/2/20 Kuhn Fu @ Kulturbahnhof, Jena, GER

9/2/20 Kuhn Fu @ Cuba, Münster, GER

14/3/20 w/ Ilya Ziblat, Marie Guilleray, Onno Govaert @ film festival - Sounds of Silence, Den Haag, NL

23/3/20 BimLab @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

26/3/20 Kuhn Fu @ U bílýho černocha, Česká Lípa, CZ

27/3/20 Kuhn Fu @ Jazzclub ,Altenburg, GER

28/3/20 Kuhn Fu @ CLUB Bambule, Göppingen, GER

3/4/20 Kuhn Fu @ PlayOutFest-Sexyland (Quintet), Amsterdam, NL

9/4/20 Kuhn Fu @ Jazzclub (Quintet),Krefeld , GER

15/4/20 Full Sun @ Stichting Jazz in Groningen, NL

17/4/20 w/ Luis Vicente, Shay Hazan @ Aleph Bookstore, Utrecht, NL

18/4/20 Full Sun @ PlusEtage, Baarle Nassau, NL

19/4/20 Full Sun @ Splendor, Amsterdam, NL

14/5/20 Kuhn Fu @ Peter & der Jazz, Rostock, GER

30/5/20 Full Sun @ JazzBlazzt, Neeritter, NL

31/5/20 Full Sun @ SoulBar Parazzar, Brugge, NL

1/6/20 Full Sun @ Hot club, Gent, Belgium

Past Concerts:

6/1/19 FULL SUN @ Pletterij, Haarlem, NL

9/1/19 FULL SUN @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

19/1/19 Trio with Frank van Bommel and Wim Janssen @ IJzerstaven, Amsterdam, Nl

22/1/19 w/ Wilbert De Joode (double bass), Raoul van der Weide (double bass), Uldis Vitols (double bass), Jasper Stadhouders (elecric bass) @ zaal 100, Amsterdam, NL

1/2/19 Kuhn Fu @ kunstwerk, Ulm, GER

2/2/19 Kuhn Fu @ Jazz Club, Regensberg, GER

24/2/19 Plots @ Plofhuis, Weesp, NL

18/3/19 Duo with Onno Govaert @ Nausicaa, Amsterdam, NL

23/3/19 Kuhn Fu @ Atelier Il Sole In Cantina, Groningen, NL

28/3/19 Team Orkestra @ De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL

3/4/19 Kuhn Fu @ Quasimodo, Berlin, GER

4/4/19 Kuhn Fu @ Divadlo 29, Pardubice, CZ

5/4/19 Kuhn Fu @ Opus Jazz Club, Budapest, HU

6/4/19 Kuhn Fu @ Jazz Cerkno, Cerkno, SL

25/4/19 Kuhn Fu @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

26/4/19 Kuhn Fu @ Red Horn District, Meinberg, GER

9/5/19 Kuhn Fu @ Bix, Stuttgart, GER

10/5/19 Kuhn Fu @ Tor9, Bremen, GER

30/5/19 Poker @ De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL

4/6/19 w/ Marcos Baggiani, Thomas Johannsen, Miguel Petruccelli, Paul Pallessen @ Zaal100, Amsterdam, NL

6/6/19 Xavier Pamplona Ensemble @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

21/6/19 ZYFT @ Neeritter, NL

22/6/19 Open Atelier - open line-up @ Raoul and Wim, Amsterdam, NL

30/6/19 ZYFT @ Roze Tanker, Amsterdam, NL

17/8/19 w/ Nadav Mazel Raanana Loft, IL

20/8/19 Shay Hazan's Good Morning Universe @ Beit Reuven, Tel Aviv, IL

30/8/19 Kuhn Fu + John Dikeman @ Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Prologue. Groningen, NL

31/8/19 Full Sun @  ZJFT Festival, Groningen, NL

31/8/19 Kuhn Fu@  ZJFT Festival, Groningen, NL

3/9/19 Vasil Hadjigrudevs gang @ Sofia, BGR

9/10/19 globe improv meeting@ Punctum, Prague, CZ

10/10/19 Full Sun @ Jazz Goes To Town Festival, Hradec Králové, CZ

11/10/19 w/ Michael Moore @ JGTT Festival, Hradec Králové, CZ

12/10 Kuhn Fu @ Igel, Waidhofen, GER

15/10/19 Kuhn Fu @ Cafe Glocksee, Hannover, GER

16/10/19 Kuhn Fu @ Jazzclub, Augsburg, GER

17/10/19 Kuhn Fu @ Dieselstrasse, Esslingen, GER

18/10/19 Kuhn Fu @ Festival Omezis, Strasbourg, FR

19/10/19 Kuhn Fu @ JIM, Mainz, GER

13/11/10 Owlman @ Zaal 100, Amsterdam, NL

14/11/19 w/ Ilya Ziblat @ Studio Loos, Den Haag, NL

18/11/19 Full Sun @ Hot club, Gent, Belgium

19/11/19 Full Sun @ Jazz Meile, Jena, GER

21/11/19 Full Sun @ De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL

28/11/19 w/ Michael Vatcher, Jasper Stadhouders, Miriam Solomom, Aaron Lumley @ Roze Tanker, Amsterdam, NL

19/12/19 viva la Impro w/ Nacho Correa (double bass), Marcelo Rilla (Bandoneon) @ Tundra Bar, Montevideo, Uruguay

10/1/20 w/ Juan Manuel Bayón and friends @ Salon Impro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

16/1/20 Costjazzul @ Bar Itono, Guazuvira, UY

18/1/20 Costjazzsul @ Chillax, Parque Del Palta, UY




Full Sun is based on Amsterdam´s extended creative music community. Its sound flies above the musicians, telling stories of ancient Natufians and modern culture beings. 


Compositionally speaking, the ensemble uses graphic scores translated into melodies, conduction, primitive grooves and dedications to influential jazz artist (John Tchicai, Jemeel Moondoc, Sunny Murray) to create a space where this unique line-up can celebrate sound.

Michael Moore- saxophone, clarinet

Luis Vicente- trumpet

Joost Buis- trombone

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet. composition

Nico Chientaroli- piano

Shay Hazan- double bass

Onno Govaert- drums

This trio is an acoustic unit that is dedicated to Ziv's compositional vision. Characterized by it's wide dynamic range and extended use of space the trio is often associated with chamber music. Each composition deals with a specific area ranging from visual art and graphic notation to human feelings.


The band has toured the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Romania and Portugal.

It's first 2 albums are out on Leo Records and the third one, Reptiles, will be out in 2019 on NoBusiness Records.


Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

Shay Hazan- double bass

Nir Sabag- drums

Kuhn Fu is dedicated to Christian Kuhn's strange take on composition and improvisation. Songs can shift direction many times within a short section and without noticing you are in a digging voodoo groove that lasts forever. Together we tour in our van Gunter, the group works together since 2013. Our third album, Chian The Snake, comes out on Bethold Records Spring 2019.


Christian Kuhn- guitar

Esat Ekincioglu- double bass

George Hadow- drums

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet


This quartet has a very strong, instant composing, song-like way of improvising.
Interaction and expression of thoughts are the core of this band and while each idea can shape the story line and change the course of the improvisation, colors and contrasts always influence the sound of the group. Plots is known for its many rehearsals and very limited amount of concerts.


Joost Buis- trombone

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet

Frank van Bommel- piano

Wim Janssen- drums


XPE led by Raoul van der Weide is an Amsterdam based septet that plays the music of Dutch composers (including Guus Janssen, Paul Termos, Bert Koppelaar and RvdW among others) with an original twist and a healthy dose of improvisation.


Raoul van der Weide- double bass

Marta Warelis- piano

George Hadow- drums

Michael Moore- clarinet

Giuseppe Doronzo- baritone saxophone

Alistair Payne- trumpet

Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet



Bones- 2015 (Leo Records)  purchase

Kuhn Fu, Kuhnstantinopolis- 2015 (Cantina Records)

Bones, Haberdashry- 2017 (Leo Records)  purchase

Kuhn Fu, Kuhnspiracy- 2017 (Unit Records)  purchase

Zwerv Live ( with Henk Zwerver- guitar, Luis Vicente- trumpet, Raoul van der Weide- double bass, Geroge Hadow- drums)- 2017 (Creative Sources)

October Meeting, live at the Bimhuis- 2017 (Bim Records)

Zwerv, music of any moment (with Henk Zwerver- guitar, Luis Vicente- trumpet, Salvoandrea Lucifora- trombone, Nico Chientaroli- piano, Raoul van der Weide- double bass, Geroge Hadow- drums)- 2018 (Creative Sources)

Kuhn Fu, Chain the Snake- 2019 (Berthold Records)

ZYFT, Midnight Tea Suite (with Maya Felixbrodt- viola, Henk Zwerver- guitar)- 2019 (Creative Sources)

Xavier Pamplona 7, Play The- 2019 (Casco Records)

Bones, Reptiles- 2019 (No Business Records)