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Full Sun (Der Müde Tod sessions) at Sounds of Silence Festival March 2023.jpg
Music for me is everything that is unexplainable and yet undoubtedly beautiful in this life. Its ways and manifestations in the sound world are infinetly diverse.


Born in the Galil region, Northern Israel, Ziv Taubenfeld started playing the clarinet as part of his primary school orchestra and continued with classical studies at the local conservatory. Following the attraction to low sounds, he added the bass clarinet as a second instrument that soon became his main focus. Taubenfeld's interest in improvised music grew bigger after meeting the influential saxophone player Albert Beger, who opened up a path that led to further studies of the bass clarinet with Michael Moore in the Netherlands. Amsterdam's improvised music scene turned out to be Taubenfeld's creative home for the coming years, resulting in collaborations that continue to this day.

In parallel to the Amsterdam based activities, Taubenfeld developes compositional concepts with Bones between 2015-2019. In 2017 Taubenfeld was offered to present the music of Bones at the North Sea Jazz Festival, July 2017. This was followed by several European tours. The third album of Bones- Reptiles- was released in fall 2019 on NoBusiness Records.

Taubenfeld's most recent project - FULL SUN – brings together strong individuals from the international creative music community. This flexible unit is dedicated to compositions with an exploratory spirit, often using the gongs, balafon, bells, and whistles to widen the sound palette of the ensemble. The Full Sun pool of musicians include: Michael Moore, Joost Buis, Luis Vicente, Nicolas Chientaroli, Marta Warelis, Yung-Tuan Ku, Rozemarie Heggen, Shay Hazan, Omer Govreen, Onno Govaert and Dudù Kouate.

Other bands Taubenfeld takes part in include Kuhn Fu, ZYFT, CosJazzul and Xavier Pamplona Ensemble. Recent collaborations include Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Hamid Drake, Ada Rave, Wilbert de Joode, Frank Gratkowski, Michael Formanek, Olie Brice, Tobias Delius and Carlos "Zingaro" among others. 
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