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Full Sun at Zaandam, NL 3-9-23 photo by Ben Bahlmann.jpg
Full Sun is a flexible unit made of musicians with an original approach to improvisation and sound. Concerts by the group often involve compositions dedicated to jazz artists such as Sonny Simmons, Mal Waldron, Jimmy Lyons and Sunny Murray. Recent works include a live soundtrack for the silent film Der Müde Tod by Fritz Lang.

Full Sun's second album was out on Clean Feed Records.

Full Sun pool of musicians:

Michael Moore- saxophone, clarinet
Luis Vicente- trumpet
Joost Buis- trombone
Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet, gongs, percussion
Yung- Tuan Ku- vibraphone, percussion
Marta Warelis- synth, pbjects

Nico Chientaroli- piano, synths
Rozemarie Heggen- double bass
Omer Govreen- double bass
Olie Brice- double bass
Shay Hazan- double bass
Onno Govaert- drums
Dudù Kouate- percussion
Ada Rave_ Wilbert de Joode_ Aleksandar Škorić_ Ziv Taubenfeld at Lokeren September 2023 ph
This group is made of four musicians with an original sound-world. Coming from silence this quartet explores sonic possibilities and creative group dynamics.

Ada Rave- saxophones
Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet
Wilbert de Joode- double bass
Aleksandar Škorić-  drums
KUHN FU Septet w Frank Gratkowski 2.jpg
Kuhn Fu (formed in 2013) is dedicated to Christian Kuhn's strange take on composition. Songs can shift direction many times within a short section and without noticing you are in a digging voodoo groove that lasts forever. The band has performed in many of the leading venues and festivals in Europe. Their seventh album, Katastrofik Kink Machine, is out on Bethold Records fall 2024. 

Christian Kühn- guitar
Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet
John Dikeman- tenor and bass saxophones
Frank Graktowski- reeds
Sofia Salvo- baritone sax
Tobias Delius- tenor sax, clarinet
Esat Ekincioglu- double bass
George Hadow- drums
Raoul van der Weides Xavier Pamplona 8 at Salon de Ijzerstaven, Amsterdam June 2023.JPG
XPE led by Raoul van der Weide is an Amsterdam based octet that performs the music of influential Dutch composers such as Guus Janssen, Paul Termos, Bert Koppelaar and RvdW among others. 

Raoul van der Weide- double bass
Joost Buis- trombone
Michael Moore- clarinet
Giuseppe Doronzo- baritone saxophone
Felicity Provan- trumpet
Ziv Taubenfeld- bass clarinet
Marta Warelis- piano
George Hadow- drums
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